OTIIMA Sliding Door System Water Test | Los Angeles

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OTIIMA Sliding Door System Water Test | Los Angeles

WIS is a third party water testing agency here in Los Angeles. As such, we were excited to finally test OTIIMA sliding door system. Dubbed the “minimalist door system”. This door certainly held up to its name from first appearances. Although sold in the USA, the door system is actually a product originating from PORTUGAL by José Maria Ferreira, a Portuguese businessman.

Our OTIIMA Sliding Door System Water Test here in Los Angeles, was a test our company has been looking forward to since we first saw the product on the internet.  We wondered how it would perform in the real world as well as under test conditions.  

Sliding Door System Drainage System by OTIIMA

OTIIMA Sliding Door System
Upon arrival to the test site we were curious how the door system would effectively drain. That is, drain water away from the door and more importantly away from the interior of the home.

After a quick visit to their website we soon learned exactly what made this minimalist door system drain so effectively. Moreover, the manner in which the door drained was effective yes, especially under the ASTM E1105 water intrusion test. However, the drain age system was also almost non existent (at least from a visual perspective).

The drainage system of the OTIIMA door allows up to an impressive (just shy of) 200 square feet of panel surface. Furthermore, the drainage system by appearance is a simple slot within the sill. Of course, there is a large gutter just below this sill. The gutters are designed to take the surface and glazing water away form the building.

Testing the Sliding Door System

OTIIMA Sliding Door System
Initially we were called upon to perform a AAMA 502 water intrusion test. Unfortunately, since the door had been installed for over the 6 month period that the AAMA 502 requires, we were unable to perform this particular test effectively. To clarify, the AAMA 502-12 test is for newly installed Fenestration products.

Together with other interested parties, it was decided that a simplified version of the ASTM E1105 water test (spray only) would be performed on the OTIIMA Sliding Door System.  Testing was performed in smaller sections due to the large size of the sliding glass door’s width.

The Results

Overall, the door performed as intended under the the simplified conditions of this test. In other words, the OTIIMA Sliding Door System drained water as it was designed. No water was observed penetrating the interior of the building.

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