Windows Doors Water Intrusion Testing in Los Angeles

Windows and Doors Water Intrusion Testing | Los Angeles Area

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Windows Doors Water Intrusion Testing in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Water Intrusion Testing

Windows, doors, roofs decks… sooner or later they will eventually fail and leak.  Although Los Angeles isn’t known for its rain, which is why it’s so easy not to worry about how tightly sealed up everything is in your house. But here’s the thing, Los Angeles County can get 30-40 rainy days a year, which is more than enough to turn one poorly done seal around a window, wall, door, deck or even a pergola ledger board into a painful, expensive remodeling project.

Considering the average cost of real estate out here, you don’t want to take any chances with your property value. If you think you have a leaky door, window, or deck, WIS can perform moisture intrusion testing on;

  • Windows
  • Decks
  • Roofs
  • Patio Covers / Pergolas
  • Concrete
  • and more.

Our testing will show you where the leak is or set or your mind at ease that there is no leak at all.

Water Intrusion Damage

Windows Doors Water Intrusion Testing in Los Angeles

Water intrusion isn’t the worst thing that can happen to your home, but it can end up being a very ugly affair. For one thing, it can rot the studs in your walls that provide structural support for your home.

Moisture and water intrusion gone unchecked can cause a host of materials in your walls to degrade. That reduces the efficiency and even the structural stability of the home. Not to mention, the damage can restful in energy loos as well. Affecting the efficiency of both your heating and cooling efforts. Depending on how extensive the damage is, you may see a subtle but real increase in your utility bill.

Water Intrusion Can Cause Decay in the Drywall

Water can cause decay in the drywall, forcing you to gut part of the room. Even if the drywall survives water exposure intact, the seep through can ruin the paint on a wall. That means time or money spent on a fresh paint job just to cover the most obvious signs. On the more potentially dangerous side of things, water intrusion can even interfere with the proper functioning of your electrical system.

Health Risks

Windows Doors Water Intrusion Testing in Los Angeles
The threat isn’t confined to walls and systems of your home. Chronic water intrusion can lead to fungal growth, mold growth, or both. Fungal and mold growth can trigger respiratory problems, even among otherwise healthy adults.

Mold can make existing respiratory problems, such as asthma, worse in kids and adults. In the worst case scenario, you can end up with black mold. While deaths are extremely rare, black mold exposure can land you or anyone who lives with you, in the hospital.

Water Intrusion Testing

Windows Doors Water Intrusion Testing in Los Angeles

Water Intrusion Specialist uses the water intrusion testing process set out by ASTM International and AAMA (American Architectural
Manufacturers Association), which creates voluntary standards for processes and materials. Without delving too deeply into the technical details, the test process works along these lines…

  • Information gathering regarding the history of the building and the leak is the first step. Not to mention, we do our best to correlate the timing of leaks with local weather events.
  • We’ll do a visual inspection of the issue i.e., door, window, or deck ledger to look for visual signs of current or past leaks.
  • At this point, we move on to more technical testing, using tools like moisture sensors, mechanical penetrators, borescopes, and infrared thermography practices.

We may need to disassemble part of the wall or system at the suspected intrusion site to trace the water leak path. We only take this step if absolutely necessary and seek your permission before carrying it out. Afterward, we compile the information we gather into a report for you.

Water Intrusion Testing For Homes in Escrow

Windows Doors Water Intrusion Testing in Los Angeles

For anyone in the process of buying water intrusion testing can prove beneficial. Why you ask? Well, for the most part water testing key areas say, where previous repairs may have been performed will confirm whether a preexisting condition exists or is actually repaired.

On the seller’s side, Los Angeles area moisture and water intrusion testing by Water Intrusion Specialist is a way of confirming that any work you had done by a contractor to resolve a problem was done correctly. By doing this, it may help in reducing your liabilities as a home seller.

If a leak repair is part of the agreement to close the deal, the buyer and seller can negotiate the cost of testing and each gets a copy of the report. Assuming everyone is acting in good faith, you should be able to agree on independent tester Water Intrusion Specialist (WIS) that provides reports without bias.

Water intrusion is a silent killer of property values

Water intrusion is a silent killer of property values. It can compromise the integrity of your walls insulation, and electrical system and so much more. It can also compromise your health and the health of your loved ones.

In the worst case, you might even end up in the hospital because of black mold as previously stated. Window, door, deck, roof or any other form of moisture intrusion testing can help you pinpoint exactly where the leak is or if it even exists. It’s also a way to safeguard the escrow and closing process on property sales. Water intrusion testing can demonstrate to everyone’s satisfaction that the leak problem has been resolved properly.

Infrared Thermography With Water Intrusion

Windows Doors Water Intrusion Testing in Los Angeles

Equally important is the use of infrared thermography which entails using an infrared camera when sourcing water intrusion here in Los Angeles. As a matter of fact, it’s difficult to perform water intrusion analysis without it if interior walls are finished. Furthermore, thermography is essentially a camera which places temperatures into color. Having been trained in infrared thermography, we understand these color variations and can understand and translate exactly what they mean to our Window, Door and/or Roof, Water Intrusion Testing and analysis.  The use of thermographic imaging isn’t new and we have been using it for many years with thousands of infrared scans under our belt all throughout Los Angeles and the Greater LA area.

If you need water testing done on your property, call today at 

Windows Doors Water Intrusion Testing | Los Angeles
Windows Doors Water Intrusion Testing | Los Angeles
Water damage and leaking can happen when you least expect it here in Los Angeles, especially when we get as little rain as we do. However, when it does rain a lot of damage con occur on old or defective construction. We are here to help you source and identify rain related water leakage through scientific practices enabled with modern day technology.
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