Essential uses of Infrared Thermography Inspections in Los Angeles

  1. Sourcing water intrusion from within walls, ceilings, floors, and other substrates in conjunction with other methods
  2. Help in quickly identifying any location of leaks within roofs, windows, and walls

In our case, performing Los Angeles Infrared Thermography Inspections is most essential in sourcing water intrusion within building walls, roofs, windows, and doors.

A Reduction In The Amount Of Destructive Testing

Being water intrusion specialists here in Los Angeles, the use of thermal imaging helps us locate water intrusion without having to perform destructive testing to visually spot an entry point.

Destructive testing is always a factor that when sourcing moisture intrusion here in Los Angeles, we have to take into consideration. Although destructive testing is inevitable with every water intrusion project, at least the infrared imager can narrow dow the entry point to a smaller region thereby reducing the amount of destructive testing necessary. Thermography is simply just another tool.

In other words, thermal imaging with its high rate of false positives should never be your only source of information in determining whether a surface, component or substrate leaks.

What is Infrared Thermography?

Infrared energy or radiation not visible to the human eye is emitted from everything. The infrared camera helps us to see these thermal images as it displays this infrared energy and variation in temperatures as color, within the camera.


It’s the differences in color that allows us, the operators to see cooler temperature things like water within walls or warmer temperature things such as heat, in the case of electrical issues.

When Do I Need Los Angeles Infrared Thermography Inspections

As an alternative to the old methods of sourcing water intrusion issues which is simply a wait and see approach, the use of thermal imaging will cut down water intrusion sourcing by more than half the time it takes otherwise.

Before the use of infrared on water intrusion inspections, one would have to either wait for the water to penetrate the interior of the building which by that time in some cases, could result in a catastrophic loss to the interior. Or, the testing operator would use a moisture meter to literally scan an entire area for elevated moisture readings.

We like to think that the uses for infrared thermography here in Los Angeles are endless especially when It comes to sourcing water intrusion. Some other areas where the use of infrared technology is helpful;

  1. Identifying electrical hazards
  2. Locating missing insulation in ceilings or walls
  3. Air infiltration / exfiltration or energy efficiency of a home

Are you Qualified?

Marc Mazza is one of only a handful of level III thermography operators here in Los Angeles. In other words, we understand the building science behind the pretty pictures. Most of the infrared technicians are not qualified to implement an infrared qualitative investigative protocol when performing analysis. Because these cameras are readily available, just about everyone has one nowadays.

Does the infrared camera make a difference?

As much as many operators of thermography here in Los Angeles will lead you to believe, the camera used does, in fact, play a major role in locating issues. Many will tell you that an $8000 machine will do the same as a $40,000 machine. That is simply not true. The differences between the camera comes down to pixelation.

The better the imager, the higher the resolution is on any given camera thus the better the image. Of course, the better the image is, the less likely there are false positives. False positives are the things that look like an issue but in reality, are not.

For example, in just about every home, air leaks through walls at the top and bottom. With infrared, this is simply air infiltration into the building. On the other hand, for the novice operator, this will appear to be “an issue” until ruled out otherwise.

The better cameras will see this cooler temperature will very little pixelation and thus, allow the level III operator to spot this and rule it out immediately.

How Do I Contact You For Los Angeles Infrared Thermography Inspections

WIS Testing agency is available to perform infrared qualitative inspections throughout Los Angeles and surrounding areas. Be sure to give us a call for your project.

Los Angeles Infrared Thermography Inspections
Los Angeles Infrared Thermography Inspections
When attempting to source water intrusion the use of thermal imaging makes this task much easier that without it.
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