Rain Leak Detection Services in Los Angeles

Rain Leak Detection Services The term “when it rains it pours” has never been more true than when living in Los Angeles, CA and the Greater LA area.  When water infiltration does occur The Original Water Intrusion Specialist, WIS, is here to help you find your water leak.  Although it may seem as if rain rarely falls, it does. In fact, oftentimes Los Angeles and the surrounding LA cities and suburbs are so unprepared for heavy rainfall and rainstorms that when the rain does come we often have severe rain related water leaks, flooding, moisture infiltration in walls causing mold, window leaks, and water intrusion in general throughout all of the Los Angeles area.  

Since we are the preeminent testing agency in the LA region with a very high track record of success, we are the go to company for Water Intrusion Testing and Rain Leak Detection for many high end residential clients and many commercial building owners.  Due to this demand for our services, and with consideration that we won’t dispatch anyone other than a true ‘Water Intrusion Specialist’ to your job site, that does in fact limit how many new jobs we can take on each month as we only have so many water intrusion experts; they don’t grow on trees after all! In addition, we are also just as selective about who we work as you are about hiring a Test Company.  We want to know who you are first, what your project entails, timelines, do you have realistic goals, how committed are you to finding water leaks the right way versus the cheapest way, and more general project information so we can make a proper decision if we will be a good fit to work with one another.  

Note that our Rain Leak Detection Services in Los Angeles are performed on both large commercial buildings experiencing water intrusion and also on residential homes that have water leaks and other moisture related damage that occurs whenever the rains come.  We can test a variety of different products and systems for moisture intrusion which include: 

Because we are Water Intrusion Specialists we have a qualified team of Water Leak Detection Experts that are experienced professionals in our trade.  We can ensure that our testing methods are performed in compliance with industry recognized test procedures such as ASTM, FGIA (AAMA) and Other Industry Accepted Test Criteria and Methodologies.  Rest assured that our rain leak detection services are unbiased as we remain committed to being an independent party and shall not be providing any design or physical construction services that one might otherwise benefit from. Since our tests are performed in accordance with these standards, our results can be easily reproduced and explained if you ever have to see the court of law.

Water intrusion testing and in Los Angeles can also even be more of an art form than a science at times since finding water intrusion isn’t really all that easy.  If it was easy, you would have found it already and not searched for a Water Intrusion Specialist, right?  There are even forensic tests such as the AAMA 511 and ASTM E2128 which incorporate a very scientific approach to water intrusion testing and forensic practices.  Chasing down rain related water leaks and moisture infiltration is no easy task, but ensuring that the company who you choose for this task is properly qualified is simple.

We work with a variety of test equipment such as Calibrated Spray Rack Systems, AAMA 501.2 Spray Wands, FTL Pressure Differential Test Kits (aka Wind Simulation Machines), moisture meters, borescopes, and FLIR infrared cameras. Let us not forget to mention the most important part, a wealth of experience and professional training. Experience in rain leak detection is mandatory. Without knowledge in the proper use of this equipment, the equipment is relatively useless. However, for those who may not possess such equipment but do have some knowledge in testing and application, we also rent necessary water intrusion testing equipment here in Los Angeles and other Southern California cities.  

Los Angeles Moisture Intrusion Specialist

moisture intrusion It’s even hard for for water to hide from us! When a Water Intrusion Specialist like WIS knows where to look, and more importantly how to look, it makes it difficult for water to remain hidden. Despite what many people think about moisture intrusion always running vertically, that may it’s not always the case. In order to understand how water performs, you must first possess years of experience in effectively “tracking” water through various building systems, like roofs, windows, doors, and walls for example.

Rain Leak Detection Services in Los Angeles can be and are performed by many companies, but you will want a team of professionally trained and full-time Water Intrusion Specialists like us dedicated to your project.  If water infiltration testing and moisture leak detection is just a hobby or part-time work, becoming really good at it will take a great deal of time and will be less effective. As homeowners and building owners having rainwater leaking through your ceiling is terrible.

Water Intrusion can be catastrophic

Rain Leak detection services We who reside in Los Angeles are for the most part carefree with many things. Moisture intrusion, however, should be dealt with swiftly. Water intrusion leakage into your home or building, left unchecked, can potentially lead to severe problems.

Water intrusion entering into your home or commercial building can very quickly become catastrophic with moisture and water damage. That water stain located on the ceiling of your living room can easily turn into a multi-thousand dollar problem. Getting in front of the issue before it escalates into a catastrophic condition is key. Hiring ‘The Original’ Water Intrusion Specialist of Los Angeles is also key in helping expedite this painful process.

Hiring a Water Leak detector for residential

water intrusion Not just anyone can perform water intrusion testing and professional rain leak detection services. Well, we take that back…actually anyone can “say that”.  However, with that said, if you have water dripping on your living room floor, the last person you want performing a rain leak detection service is a person or company that is unfamiliar with rain leaks in general or how water intrusion and moisture damage really happens.  

Moreover, the company that you need to hire for a Rain Leak Detection Service or Moisture Intrusion Investigation is the Water intrusion Specialist (WIS). The reason being is simple, we know and understand water leaks and how they travel and migrate through a building.  We have made Water Intrusion testing and forensics our sole business and we take it very seriously as should any true professional.  So whether the water leak you are experiencing is a wall leak, a window leak, a door leak, a deck leak or even coming from some other place, we’ll do our best to help you source the problem so you can move on to getting it fixed!  


What parts of Greater Los Angeles to you Service?

We provide water intrusion testing and rain leak detection services all over Southern California.  We work in beach cities, downtown, the valley, northeast LA, and many suburbs.  Here are just a few cities we work in: Marina Del Rey, Pacific Palisades, Manhattan Beach, Torrance, Culver City, Venice, Long Beach, West LA, Beverly Hills, Bel Air, DTLA (Downtown Los Angeles), valley such as Studio City, Encino, Glendale, Pasadena, Arcadia, and even Orange County.

Rain Leak Detection Services in Los Angeles
Rain Leak Detection Services in Los Angeles
The term "when it rains it pours" has never been more true than when living in Los Angeles. Although it seems as if rain rarely falls in Los Angeles and the Greater LA area, it does. In fact, Los Angeles is not really prepared for heavy rainfall, which is why Los Angeles and the surrounding cities suffer significant water intrusion each year. Call your Los Angeles Water Intrusion Specialist today to start your Rain Leak Detection Test.
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