Rain Leak detection services in Los Angeles

Rain Leak detection services The term “when it rains it pours” has never been truer than when living in California. Although it seems as if rain rarely falls, it does. In fact, oftentimes, our metropolitan areas are ill-prepared for water intrusion due to heavy rainfall. So, essentially when it comes, we get leaks. Our Rain Leak detection services in Los Angeles run the gamut. Meaning, our moisture intrusion services test the following components;

Because we provide these tests, we ensure the testing procedure(s) follow ASTM, AAMA and Other Industry Accepted Methodologies.  Rest assured that our rain leak detection services, when performed in accordance with these standards can be easily reproduced. Of course, should your issues ever have to see a court of law, these tests can be reproduced by other testing agencies with the same results.

Water intrusion testing in Los Angeles is more of an art than it is a science. Sort of. There are forensic tests such as the AAMA 511-08 which incorporates a scientific approach to its testing procedure. Locating Rain Water leaks is no easy task. Ensuring that the company who you choose for this task uses the most state of the art equipment is key.

Equipment such as the rainmaker spray rack, 501.2 wands, winemaker vacuum system, and Flir infrared camera. Not to mention experience. Experience in rain leak detection is mandatory. Without knowledge in the use of this equipment, the equipment is useless. For those who may not possess such equipment, we rent necessary water intrusion testing equipment here in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Moisture intrusion specialist

moisture intrusion It’s hard for even for water to hide from us. When you know where to look and more importantly, how to look… water doesn’t get far. Despite what many think about moisture intrusion running vertically, it’s not always the case. In order to understand how water performs, you must possess years of experience in effectively “tracking” water through various building systems, like roofs and walls for example.

Rain Leak detection services in Los Angeles can be and are performed by many companies. But really, if water or moisture intrusion is just a hobby or part-time work, becoming really good at it will take a great deal of time. As homeowners having rainwater leaking through your ceiling is terrible.

Water Intrusion can be catastrophic

Rain Leak detection services We who reside in Los Angeles are for the most part carefree with many things. Moisture intrusion, however, should be dealt with swiftly. Water intrusion can leak to water damage.

Water entering into your home or building can very quickly become catastrophic. That water stain located on the ceiling of your living room can easily turn into a multi-thousand dollar problem. Getting in front of the issue before it escalates into a catastrophic condition is key. Hiring the water intrusion specialist of Los Angeles is also key.

Hiring a Water Leak detector for residential

water intrusion Not just anyone can perform water intrusion and rain leak detection. Well, actually anyone can. But really, if you have water dripping on your living room floor, the last person you want performing rain leak detection is a person unfamiliar with rain leaks in general or water intrusion.

Moreover, the company that you need to hire for rain leak or moisture intrusion is the Water intrusion Specialist. The reason being… we know water leaks. Whether the leak is a wall, window, door, deck or even the ground, we’ll source the problem and help stop the water leak.

Rain Leak detection services in Los Angeles
Rain Leak detection services in Los Angeles
The term "when it rains it pours" has never been more true that when living in Los Angeles. Although it seems as if rain rarely falls in the City of Angeles, it does. In fact, often times, Los Angeles is ill-prepared for raining water intrusion. So, essentially when it comes, we get leaks. Our Rain Leak detection services in Los Angeles run the gamut.
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