Window Leak Testing Los Angeles by Water Intrusion Specialist

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Window Leak Testing Los Angeles

Los Angeles Construction Defect Water Intrusion Testing

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Windows fail and have water intrusion. Windows Leak when it rains here in Los Angeles. It’s just a fact that we must come to accept, and then deal with. Moreover, it is an issue which many in Los Angeles have to deal with annually, especially during the rainy season and with also with consideration to the changing weather patterns due to climate change. 

What is important to consider about window leaks and moisture intrusion is that most of the water leaks are not even visible (at least to the naked eye), which is why we also provide Thermography services which is a fancy way of saying we use Infrared Camera Technology to Scan your interior surfaces for moisture damage and water intrusion during our rain leak detection services.   Of course, these types of leaks are inside the walls. Usually the result of installation defects, but can also be from defective window and door products (i.e.-the manufacturer). Furthermore, these leaks can result in catastrophic damage to interior finishes.  You must also consider the possibility of mold. Window Leak Testing in Los Angeles is in many cases very necessary when water intrusion is suspected.

WIS, which is short for Water Intrusion Specialist, is who we are and we have been the #1 Rated Los Angeles Rain Leak Detection Test Company for a very long time for good reason since we are ‘The Original’ Water Intrusion Specialist in Los Angeles!  We provide our services throughout all of Los Angeles and the Greater LA Area including Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, West LA, Manhattan Beach, etc. Not only do we test windows for water leaks and water intrusion, but a whole host of other water intrusion related issues.

Many of these tests are conducted under the guides of the AAMA or ASTM standards. The reason being is that these tests can be reproduced by anyone at any time with identical results.

Rain Leak Specialist

Window Leak Testing Los Angeles
For this particular project, the client, a contractor was in need of a window water test. Actually, the contractor was mandated to have a water test performed on these windows by a city official. You see, this contractor was performing a mold remediation clean up, when the inspector for the city handed down this requirement. The inspectors reasons for this was that he felt the windows may be a contributing factor during rain. Rightly so.

Our issue with this test was that; although we could perform a standardized test on these windows, they’d fail miserably. As a matter of fact, the windows would leak so badly that the test wouldn’t last more than 60 seconds. Reason being… the windows we extremely old and leaky.

Fenestration window testing ASTM E1105

Window Leak Testing Los Angeles
That said, however, the contractor still insisted the test be performed in accordance with ASTM E 1105 including an interior negative air chamber. Nevertheless, we proceeded with this test. First off, we taped the outer window to test the installation. Granted, the building owner painted the walls with an elastomeric sealant / paint days before the test. So this test was, for the most part skewed at best.

Even at the bare minimums for this ASTM test, the desired interior pressure was not obtained due to the windows being too loose. Furthermore, the windows leaked as predicted. Even with all of this going on, believe it or not, we were still able to find that the installations leaked as well.  We were indeed surprised.

All things considered, it was a good call by the inspector and contractor, and very valuable data was collected on site.

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