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Rain Leak Detection


The images before you were taken as part of an infrared scanning project only. The property was a single family home located in Los Angeles. To get a better idea of our scope, we were sent out to this house to perform Rain Leak Detection Services using Infrared Technology to scan interior surfaces during testing.  Although destructive testing (which requires opening up interior walls) provides much more conclusive answers to where water intrusion is entering during the testing process, the client for this particular project elected to start off with a non-destructive water test as a preliminary measure to avoid removal of interior surfaces.

Infrared thermography False Positives


For the most part, the use of an infrared camera system for rain leak detection is one of the best visual aid tools for this task. Infrared Thermography services are very helpful in identifying and locating rain leaks, moisture, and water intrusion in a building before it is visible to the naked eye alone.  One must take into consideration the fact that there are also false positives everywhere throughout the house. False positives in thermography (infrared scanning) are air leaks or other cold spots which may appear to be water leaks.  The the ability to immediately rule out these false positives is what separates a Water Intrusion Specialist from the rest.

Benefits of thermography


The water intrusion within this building was significant. Throughout this building, water intrusion was observed in many areas such as horizontal surfaces, storefront glass, and more.  An Infrared Thermography Scan is essential in a first step approach to determining what areas of a building require any additional water intrusion testing. Moreover, and Infrared Thermography Inspection will create a sort of punch list, for a building owner to systematically address multiple trouble areas with one visit. Rain Leak Detection is one of the prime benefits with the use of an infrared camera.

Some of the tests we perform are;

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