Common Causes of Ceiling Stains

Common Causes of Ceiling Stains

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Common Causes of Ceiling Stains

Ceiling Stains and Common Causes / Water Intrusion Specialist

We’ve all seen them. Surely we have all heard of them. Shoot, maybe, you even have them. I’m not talking about cars or pets… No. Today we’re discussing ceiling stains what causes them and what to do about them.

Ceiling stains, or brown stains on your ceiling can form for any number of reasons. That said, however, we can narrow the reasons for ceiling staining to just a single source, moisture. Water intrusion is the most likely cause for ceiling stains but in all actuality, not the only cause for staining.

A lack of ventilation is a leading cause of mold on the ceiling in bathrooms and laundry rooms. The CRC California Building Code requires some sort of ventilation in a bathroom and laundry room Water intrusion Specialist
Common Causes of Ceiling Stains

Common questions about ceiling stains answered

Surprisingly, ceiling stains can go unnoticed for days, weeks and even years. The reason I’m sure is that the ceiling is up, and by nature, we generally tend to look forward or down. Especially when in our homes. In fact, there are areas within a home which we probably never enter or otherwise occupy. Spaces where you may go once or twice in a year. Say, like your teenagers room. Am I right?

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What to do if you have stains?

Left untreated, ceiling stains may contribute to unhealthy living conditions. Such as the case with mold. Mold can be directly related to poor indoor air quality not to mention Molds obvious health risks. In the event you have ceiling staining, the first thing you will want to do is call a professional water intrusion expert.
Moisture intrusion specialists can determine whether or not the stain is in fact an active leak or from a previous event. Once the stain is proven to be either an active or previous water event, you can proceed to remediate.

Water stains on ceiling who to call

With so many different companies out there jockeying for position to repair your leaky whatever… you need to narrow down eh root cause, before hiring just anyone. For example, if you have a vaulted ceiling with moisture staining, chances are pretty good it’s not a plumbing leak. Or, if you have a stain under a bathroom, is most likely not the roof. The remediation company you need will be dictated by the circumstances surrounding the staining.
Remediation can take on many forms. From completely removing interior and exterior building finishes. To repairs performed to eliminate the waters source and a simple paint-n-patch on the inside. The determining factor is the water intrusions source. Water intrusion can rear its ugly head in multiple different forms. The least of which is no different than the most common, because let’s face it. Water entering your building is still, water in your building.

Ghosting thermal imaging

What is ghosting on a ceiling?

In a word, ghosting is dust. Let me be more specific. Ghosting is essentially an unusual darkish colored pattern that develops on a surface. The surface can be a ceiling or wall. Ghosting is usually caused by dust or dirt which when sitting on a surface.

This material displays a different thermal pattern when viewed from an infrared camera. Without an infrared or thermal camera, one can just as easily see the ghosting. However, the thermal imaging camera displays the anomaly much clearer, due to the heat differences on the materials surface and the cameras ability to display those differences in bright colors.

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Painting Over Dry brown Ceiling Stains

Painting over water stains is tricky business. If you plan to simply bust out a can of latex paint and go to town you may find out soon enough that the stain just returns. On the other hand, if you choose to paint over the stain with a stain sealer or stain blocker, you’d be on the right track. Its best, however, to first take care of whatever is causing the stain to begin with. After that is taken care of, you can then apply the stain blocker. Once that is dry and cured, the finish color of ceiling paint can be applied.

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Common Causes of Ceiling Stains / Water Intrusion Specialist
Common Causes of Ceiling Stains / Water Intrusion Specialist
Ceiling stains can form for any number of reasons. That said, however, we can narrow the reasons for ceiling staining to just a single source, moisture.
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