Window Water Test ASTM E1105 Los Angeles

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Window Water Test ASTM E1105 | Los Angeles

The E1105 window water test is an ASTM standardized testing method. The window water test ASTM E1105 Los Angeles testing method is used for testing the effectiveness of windows, skylights, doors and curtain walls. 

Of course when applying this test one must use a calibrated spray rack apparatus. On like the use of a water hose, the water spray system or spray rack delivers water uniformly against the exterior surface of the window at a minimum rate of 5 gallons per square foot per hour.

The idea behind the E1105 test is that water is sprayed uniformly from the outside while on the inside there is an air chamber that is pressurized. For the purpose of this test, the pressurized air chamber is designed to pull water through the assembly.

ASTM E1105 test can be modified for specific needs

While this test is recommended to be administered in strict accordance with the E1105 Standard, one may modify the test for their specific needs. Which is what we did in this case. Our client did not wish to utilize the test chamber on the inside because the doors have not yet been rated or laboratory tested.

Nevertheless, our window Water Test,  ASTM E1105 proved effective in the purpose in which it had been used. The OTIIMA door system uses a proprietary drainage system located on its track.  Water effectively runs under the doors and then into the track. We wanted to see just how much water it takes to overload the system and drainage track. Not only was the drainage system effective, but it also worked as expected. No matter how much water we applied, it drained as designed.

Performing the ASTM E1105

The ASTM E1105 test is a test that we perform throughout Los Angeles regularly. In like manner, we also perform other various ASTM and AAMA tests. Albeit, the ASTM testing procedures are the most commonly used.  Despite what many consider to be a water test in Los Angeles, the use of a water hose for example. In contrast, is not an effective test procedure. Even though one may effectively place water onto a specimen, it’s not applied uniformly. moreover, there is no utilization of a negative air chamber on the inside with this method.

A water hose test is possible for some applications such as the ASTM 2128. This test is a stucco wall or wall water intrusion test. However, the water hose is not a suggested method of testing when using the ASTM E1105.

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